132 CHRISTIAN A. BROWN: “Feast of Fates”

“My mother’s death was a source of great inspiration. She’s with me always, in every word, every sentence.” Christian A. Brown is a fantasy writer but his fiction is rooted in real-life empowerment. His mother Cynthia—a civil rights activist who passed away from cancer—stalwartly encouraged his writing. The author of “Feast of Fates,” Christian is a phenomenal new voice that is generating red-hot buzz and attention.

“I am a product of diversity and I like to explore deep issues. There’s enough cotton candy for the mind out there.” Christian has often struggled with identifying himself through multiple identities—he’s bi-racial and gay, and his partner is a disabled veteran—all facets reflected in his multi-hued, multi-dimensional fictional universe. His website is www.christianadrianbrown.com.

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Posted on May 12, 2015 in Episodes

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