105 THE LETTERS HOME: “Road Warriors”

A musician’s life is never easy but the reward of following your bliss is always present. Meet The Letters Home, a five-piece “dirty soul” rock band making waves in Southern California and beyond. Singer-keyboardist Andrew Monheim and drummer Mike Gattshall join us to discuss the fervent passion of their dreams.

Their hipster appearance may deceive but great sound never does. “I like the fact that people can’t tell what they’re going to get when they see us take the stage,” says Andrew. “We tried for a slicker look, but it wasn’t real. It’s all about the surprise, because then they’ll remember us longer.” 

A review from Pasadena Weekly states: “Monheim and Gatshall have scraggly beards and shoulder-length hair that makes them look like a granola-fed jam band in the vein of The Grateful Dead. But the second that show time hits, the band surprises one and all with a hard-driving funk jam that’s impossible not to dance to. One grandma in the packed and pulsating crowd exclaimed, “They’re like the lost soundtrack to the greatest blaxploitation movie ever made!”  Their site is www.thelettershome.com. Join the conversation at www.getboldtoday.com

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Posted on March 26, 2015 in Episodes

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