153 LAUREN DUCA: “The Whoopi Goldberg Effect”

Cosby. Oprah. Whoopi. All these big names are swirling in the most recent controversy to emerge from the shocking (and ever-mounting) rape allegations. When Whoopi Goldberg­—his staunchest celebrity advocate–backed off some of her incendiary statements on The View, all hell broke loose. After reportedly soliciting advice from Oprah, Camille Cosby still defends her husband as a philanderer but not a rapist.

Today on BOLD, Huffington Post entertainment reporter Lauren Duca gives us the lowdown on all the behind-the-scene shenanigans and talks about what’s next for the embattled and disgraced comedy legend. You can follow her on Twitter @laurenduca.

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Posted on July 27, 2015 in Episodes

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